What a great cigar!

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I mentioned in a previous post that I'd had a chance to spend a couple of hours with Tampa1257 and Professor Twain a couple of weeks ago. As I was leaving, Chuck handed me a nice Bolivar Gold Medal.

I put it in my humidor when I got home, thinking I'd save it for awhile. Well, today seemed like just the day to sit a relax with the Bolivar. So I did my normal routine, made an espresso, got a good book, and pulled the GM out of the humi. Took all this out to my porch and sat down to enjoy life.

Took my Palio and neatly cut the head, toasted the foot, then fired her up.

Made sure I had a good fire going, and sat the cigar down and opened my book, took a sip of espresso and started reading. Reached over, picked up the cigar and took a puff. WOW, what a sweet taste. I didn't want to rush it, but I just had to take a couple more quick hits. This was special.

While the stick was from 2006 it tasted like a much older cigar. And how many ways can one say smooth?

I put the book down, took off my glasses, and just sat back with a an ever growing smile. It was 75 degrees, bright, sunny, just a perfect day. And it quickly became a little more perfect as I slowly puffed on this wonder cigar.

My taste buds are not at all refined, but I tried exhaling a little through my nose, and discovered a whole new dimension to cigars. Even I could detect an earthy taste, couple with leather (for some reason, I had a mental image of very light colored leather), and some pepper. For me this was a new found treat.

Everything else about the cigar (feel, room aroma, burn) was just as one would expect from Bolivar.

So, an extremely nice day was made a whole lot better by a fine gift from Chuck.

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