Ramon Allones Eminencia RE (TEB DIC 07)

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The RA Eminencia is a Franciscos measuring a little over 5 and 1/2 inches with a ring gauge of 44. It was originally issued in 2005 for the Swiss market and re-released this past year. I have not smoked a 2005, so I cannot say how this compares with that release. I paired it with some Cabo Wabo Anejo Tequila!

The cigar has a nice, slightly oily wrapper and a good feel to it. The smell at cold reveals nothing in particular and a test draw is perfect. The first few puffs are smooth and provide for a lot of smoke. The burn is solid for a young cigar and require only minor touch-ups throughout. For the first inch or so, it is a creamy and slightly sweet cigar. Almost has a candy like sweetness; hard to describe. It is decidely medium-bodied to start with but slowly builds up throughout.


The cigar becomes a little richer and more full-bodied towards the middle, but still is lacking the finesse and depth of some young RASS and RAG*. It does have a very long finish that is pleasant and construction is top-notch. About the half-way point, spice is noticeable along with subtle dried fruit/ floral notes.


Towards the end, the cigar loses the little complexity it did have and becomes just straight forward tobacco. It is unusually strong imo; more so than any other young RA I have had. I lay it down with about an inch left.


Overall: 88 mainly because it is so young. Hopefully this cigar will get better with age as all the trademark RA is there along with a little more strength. Anyone remember how the '05s smoked when fresh?"

*The August '07 RAGs are fantastic. I smoked three on back to back days and all were consistently smooth and rich and lacking any youthfulness.

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Thanks for the nice review.:ok:

I've smoked a few of these and have really enjoyed their creamy sweetness, despite their youth. Just like the other Ramone Allones Regional Editions that have appeared in the last few years, this is a high quality, well constructed cigar, that has great aging potential.

I wonder if the '07 edition contains the aged blend of tobacco that Habanos started using in '06? It will be interesting to eventually compare an aged '07 to a '05.

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