Smoke of the Day Tuesday March 4

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» Howdy All,


» Let me know what your smokin so I dream about smoking mine.

A very nice three year (almost four) aged Bolivar Corona Gigante that worked for about two hours. This particular box with 18 remaining is becoming fantastic after it cleared three years in my big box. I can imagine it'll get even better when it hits four and perhaps five years if I can contain myself long enough. It was well worth the wait...

I'm a fortunate man and consider myself blessed that I was able financially to have built up a good stock over the years, and have had good merchants who supply the required Habano goods when I travel outside the USA (remember all, it is illegal to own/buy/smoke Cuban products in the United States) When I speak of smoking Cuban cigars, this is done where I consider it legal to do, all things considered...

So dream on about an almost four year aged Bolivar masterpiece that I had the pleasure to smoke this afternoon...

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I smoked a very full flavored OCT 07 Boli Corona extra, I love this cigar. Its nice to have 23 left and know that its only going to get better.

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