R&J Short Churchill Gifted by Don Candido

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R&J Short Churchill Dress box SOA Jul 07

Cap:not the cleanest made

Wrapper:flat brown no oils semi veins not a very exciting looking cigar

Smell at foot cold:Floral

Med with lots of pepper showing its youth.But behind the dominate pepper is classic R&J sweet or stewed fruit flavors.But they are trapped by the strong pepper flavor so there is not much any other stand out flavor.

Some age will make these cigar's blossom into the classic R&J flavor profile sweet fruit with smooth balance from foot to cap.

This may not be a beautiful specimen but as they say looks can be deceiving.

I rate this cigar a 88 now but with the masterful blending that was done. It will be reborn with some age into at least a 92.

The tubed version will be smoked next week as it by far smells and look far more attractive than the dress box version.

Better construction ,oily and the smell cold is far more superior too.

Would like to thank Don Candido for his generosity and will do any other taste test for him in the future if it ever comes up.:-D

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nice review, Jimmy. interesting comparison between your review and mine, since I smoked the Tubo version just yesterday.

It'll probably be another week or so before I can get to the boxed version, and I'll be interested to see how my experience compares to yours.

And ditto your shout-out to Peter . . . I'll review as many sticks as he sends my way!:wink:

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Guest josho2001

you see, this is interesting. I'd previously had a boxed version and loved it so I decided to try the tube one first and my review is pretty much exactly what you said for the box one. now I guess I'll have to try the boxed one again just to see how it matches up this time around.

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» Where's DC been?

I am here. Just hanging out lurking...

I am glad to see these reviews.

I still love them, and have rarely had a bad one. I am surprised some people have found such inconsistency, not shocked, just a little surprised.

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