SCDLH El Principe EMA JUN 07


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  • 8 months later...

Had smoked a couple of these which showed great promise until the last third which delivered a nasty whack of Ammonia.

Being such great looking little sticks though, I couldn't resist firing up another to see if there was any progress.



Aroma at cold was sweet and earthy. Cut the cap to find a big divot.


Pre-light draw was slightly tight with an Almond flavour.

Fired it up and encountered earthy, almond notes. Pretty much what it was like out of the box. After this opening it settled in to an earthy, leather flavour.


Into the 2nd third and some sweetness came through. Lots of smoke being produced and spiciness coming to the fore.


Coming in to the back straights saw the welcome addition of toasted hazelnuts to mix. The initial leather/earth combo had faded by now and the El Principe continued on its' spicy, toasted hazelnut trajectory.

Thankfully there was only a hint of ammonia at the end.


Now if only I can keep my hands off these little buggers I feel they will be fantastic with some age.

4 smoke rings out of 6. 4/6 with potential for higher.

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