Cohiba Lancero CLE NOV01


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Cohiba Lancero CLE NOV01

Sun’s so bright it leaves no shadows, only scars…who said that, anyway the marine layer in mid afternoon leaves no shadows either, everything so well lit yet cloudy, almost dreamlike. I had been in the mood for a Lancero for awhile without the time and today I was willing and able, so I sat in the intrusive light of the Pacific before a storm. Can’t figure out the macro setting on the damn camera so no fancy pictures. My deepest apologies.

The lancero smelled very cedary, with a light chocolate tobacco cold. Moderate veining, heavy in hand. Draw pretty firm, but the sharp pre-draw flavor of cedar lets me know that air is coming through fine.

Smoke volume decent, initial puffs involve smooth tobacco and cedar characteristics. An inch or two in, the bean characteristics and some cream notes creep in. Still a somber profile, however. Strong coffee and wood predominate. The smoke smells like a Cohiba, aged Cohiba, that wonderful and inexpoundable smell. Goes form mild to medium in 10 minutes or so. Charred vanilla bean, espresso, earth. Ash is flaky and falls off every inch or so.

The second third. Smooth smooth smooth. Becomes meatier, stronger, sumptuous. White pepper shows up a bit, flavor denser, more nicotine. That pleasantly yeasty, aged tobacco flavor at the forefront at the middle. Espresso with swirls of cream. Almost too rich now. Cheese rind, truffle. Slight bitterness in the back of the palate. Maybe even still a bit young. Nevertheless bean flavors edged out.

The last third. Floral smell to the smoke. Cream characteristic reappears, mellows a bit. When it starts to strengthen again, dark chocolate appears in the finish. Dark coffee bean. Strong and still spitting out some tar. Had to clip again. The last two inches required fairly frequent purging to combat bitterness, and I smoked it fairly slowly, nearly 2 hours to get to the end. I think it’s still young, honestly. I’m sure planting an herb garden at the end was more activity than the cigar wanted, but honestly I refuse to take the fall for it. I’m blaming the cigar.

All in all an excellent smoke, with more time needed to make it great. The middle of the cigar was fantastic A solid 91 now, easy mid nineties in a few years when it balances out and opens up. Plenty of power to get it there.

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