Cohiba Siglo III (EAR JUN 02)


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Another Corona Grandes vitola.....quickly becoming a favorite of mine! This box comes from the PCC Vintage Cigar program and has a little under 5 years of age on it. I have really begun to appreciate the Siglo series of late, and the III is by far my favorite vitola in the line.


The wrapper is a somewhat dark-Colorado shade with some noticeable veins running down the cigar. The cigar is a touch firm in several spots and I have run into very firm draws from a couple of cigars from this same box. The initial draw is somewhat firm, but gradually gets better over time. I'm immediately struck by how smooth and rich this cigar is. Faint cedar, heavy cocoa beans, and the faint Cohiba grassiness are all mixed into perfect harmony at the start. Very enjoyable cigar at this point.


Towards the middle, the cigar loses some of its complexity, but remains balanced and medium-bodied. Still heavy "bean" notes, but not as much cedar or grassiness. It is still very rich and almost buttery. Power has also picked up a tad. Draw and burn remain good, with more plentiful smoke coming with each puff. The finish is very long and fulfilling.


Towards the end, the grassiness makes a comeback and at times, is a bit much. While I enjoy both the Robusto and Esplendido very much, I have found that sometimes the grassiness in those particular vitolas is too overpowering. Never had that problem in the Siglo line thankfully; the smoke ends on a high note as the cedar and rich bean flavors make a comeback and it ends the way it started in perfect balance.

Overall: 93 and worth every dollar if you can find a box with some age on it. I already smoked through a box of '05s and while good, it makes me kick myself for not letting them age for several more years.

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