Partagas Shorts PTS ABR 07


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Partagas Shorts PTS ABR 07

The cigars come in a small SLB of 50.



Color is colorado maduro. The wrappers look and feels smooth.


The foot looks alright although the lower left hand side seems a bit tight. What may initially appear as a small case of booking is in fact just tightly folded but correctly bunched leaves under closer scrutiny.


Punching the head, the wrapper is spicy on the lips. Draw is firm (about 50 on the tester) and the fumar a crudo reveals a slightly musty tobacco taste.

After setting the foot on fire the usual way, the first draws reveal rather thin or medium-thin smoke. Aroma is very Partagas-like: earthy, spicy and very leathery. Body is quite present and a solid medium plus! The cigar tastes harsh and young, though. The burn is sharp.


Into the second third, there is an increase in strength accompanied by a sweet ligero touch: the smoke becomes spicy, sweet and strong. The ash is very solid!


In between puffs, a definite coffee aroma lingers in the mouth. I'm not making this up, I havent had coffee in 3 days! There is a rather unpleasant (to me), slightly bitter side to the cigar.

Towards the last third, the strength gives in and a nutty aroma appears. Daring a nose exhale with a small quantity of smoke at this point confirms the nuts. The smoke gets creamy although still being a bit thin. The cigar stays this way for a few more puffs and that was it.



In summary, I would say that this cigar was an average smoking experience. Definitely not good; not really bad, but nothing special. Complexity was extremely limited, the smoke was thin and the aroma a little bitter. Spice, some coffee and a hazelnut or two were there, but that's not enough to make up for the thin, slightly bitter smoke. Construction was good, there's Partagas in it, but this is definitely not half an 898 V or something otherwise exceptional.

83 with a potential of 85. 3/6 smoke rings.

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I smoked a Short last night, I believe from March 07, don't have the box in from of me. I really like these little smokes. I wanted to take pictures, but my wife was sharing it with me, a rare treat. I didn't want to be the cigar nerd on the front porch with her snaping photos.

Anyway, great review and some incredible photos, especially the one standing on the ash.

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» Nice review. Pretty much mirrors my thoughts on a '06 cab that I have.

» Though mine tend to have looser draws.

I think these are some of the best small cigars out there.

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