Por Larranaga Panatela OEB OCT 06


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Well here is my first review, I hope you find it enjoyable. I'll warn you now, I am not the best photographer. I have the steady hands of a crack addict on his 10th cup of coffee, so keep that in mind.

The PL Pan is a cigar I have enjoyed greatly. It was one of the first Habanos I aquired, and having only aquired a few, it's not saying much. But this inexpensive little smoke always gives me great flavors and great enjoyment. They are so wallet friendly and the small format makes it perfect for the winter.


The construction on these can be a little inconsistent, from a sloppy cap to a rough wrapper application. A couple have had tight draws, almost to point of being plugged. I am not one to give up easily on a cigar and will usually poke and message it to a smokeable condition. This stick had a perfect draw however. The cigar had been in the dry box since yesterday, something I do with most of the cigars I know I'll smoke in advance.

For the cutter I used my trusty Palio and the flame was from my ultra high end Ronco Jet lite.

The prelight draw, as I said, was near perfect. The initial taste was a little salt and some spice on the lips.


The first few puffs has a little of that salt taste, a little spice and some tanginess or maybe twanginess.

The ash was gray and flakey, but held no more than a 1/2" at any point.

As the cigar progressed the salt went away as did the flavor deepend. That tanginess persisted as did nice rich tobacco flavors going through the first 3rd.

The burn line was fairly straight, with a little wobble here and there, but alway self correcting.

In to the second 3rd, the cigar started to pick up some strength. Still getting the tangy flavors and some subtle hints of sweetness.


Passing into the last 3rd the cigar has picked up more strength and is starting to get just a little harsh. I have enjoyed the flavor greatly up to this point, but the slight harshness and the temperature outside it saying this is no longer enjoyable enough to be this cold.


I decided it was time to nub this cigar and warm up.

My overall impression, having smoked a few but given away most of the box, is I need to get more of these in my humi for the times I need a short, flavorful smoke. They are cheap enough to toss if you get too cold or run out of time, and yet satisfying enough to smoke all the way down.

I guess I would rate this 90 out of 100, not very complex, but quick, tastey and satisfying

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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