El Rey del Mundo Lonsdale (mid-70\'s)


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History of El Rey del Mundo

Believed to have been created, along with Sancho Panza, by German businessman Emilio Ohmstedt in 1848, El Rey del Mundo (King of the World in Spanish) was at one time the most expensive and prestigious cigar brand in the world.

Spanish businessman Antonio Allones took over the brand sometime around 1882 (another version of the brand's history claims that the brand became defunct after Ohmstedt's death and Allones re-registered it, but cigar connoisseur Min Ron Nee maintains the brand was passed to Allones from Ohmstedt's company, based on records stating Allones as the owner of El Rey del Mundo from as early as 1873).

Under Allones, the brand reached the height of its world-wide prestige. In 1905, Allones' company was bought by the Díaz Hermanos y Cía venture, owned by Cándido Vega Díaz (supposedly the namesake of Don Cándido cigars), which was later renamed the Rey del Mundo Cigar Co. to reflect its most famous asset. The company also produced such famous brands as Sancho Panza, Rafael González, and Don Cándido.

Production continued after the Revolution and the brand maintained its popularity through the 1960s and 1970s, but as the world taste started to run towards stronger cigars, the milder El Rey del Mundo brand began to loss its status as a foremost brand of Cuban cigars. Despite its loss of popularity, El Rey del Mundos cigars are still prized for their mild, complex flavors, with the Choix Supreme, Grandes de España, and Demi Tasse sizes being particularly popular among connoisseurs.

El Rey del Mundo Lonsdale


Vitola: Cervantes (one of my favorites)

Gauge: 42

Length: 165

Weight: 10.80 grams

Presentation: 25 dress box

Light to medium colored wrapper and with the exception of a two arching veins deeply embedded into the leaf, the wrapper was void of veins but slightly rough to the touch.

Feels like a firm roll so I hoped there were no draw issues

Smoke Time: 1 1/2 smoke

Pre-light draw: slightly deliberate

Pre-light flavor: light aged tobacco flavor

1st third:

Draw turned out to be perfect. Light, dry smoke. First few draws were a bit harsh but a nice subtle age tobacco flavor. Turned very woody with hints of leather and cedar and something that I can’t pick out but that may be from the lack of sleep/concentration.

Medium to full in flavor

Smoke had a pleasant aroma with hints of burnt marshmallow

2nd third:

Same complex as the 1st third leather and cedar but lots of toasted tobacco and woody, slightly salty

Smoke is still dry and light but plentiful.

3rd third:

Still woodsy and straight forward but finished very early – right before the 3rd third which was a little disappointing.

Ash Color: Graphite in color with thin black ribbons

If you like the El Rey del Mundo profile (sweet spicy-woody flavors), and the size (which I love, but I recognize it's not the easiest to smoke), you will love this fine habano. Very complex, you can compare it to a stronger and longer Choix Supreme

Overall, an excellent medium-bodied cigar that finishes a little early but lots of straight forward flavors throughout.

This is a cigar to be smoked very slowly because of the thin ring gauge and on a clean palate, to enjoy the subtle flavors.

It’s mild to medium strength makes it a great breakfast smoke or after a light lunch.

Recommended drink: water, sprite, a nice cabernet savoignion wine or your favorite liquor that isn’t “hot”

Score: 8-9/10

Happy smoking my friends


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