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FOH, I just got back from a three day trip to Honduras to visit the farms and factory that makes Camacho cigars. Wow, what an experience. When you see what goes into the making of a cigar, you really appreciate the whole experience of smoking.

While talking to Christian Eiroa, owner of Camacho cigars, I picked up a few interesting things that I wanted to share:

* One acre of land grows about 12,000 tobacco plants

* One acre of sun grown corojo tobacco yields about 800 lbs, which provides about 40% usable wrapper

* One acre of shade grown Connecticut tobacco yields about 2200 lbs, which provides about 90% usage wrapper

* 40 lbs of tobacco yields approximately 1000 cigars

Camacho makes all their own boxes and uses all cedar from trees that are a minimum of 25 years old. They also age the wood to match the age of the cigars. Cigars purchased today are placed in boxes that use wood that was processed and stored two to three years ago.

Being a lover of the leaf, I thought these bits of information were interested and I thought you might too.

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Great insights!

Feel free to post any photo's you may have.

No matter wher you visit a plantation, you always come away with a greater appreciation of the process and the passion that goes into a cigar.

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