\'05 H. Upmann Magnum 46 Revisited


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With some of the recent discussions of the 46, I decided to give another a try. I've been slowly

smoking from a SEP '05 box. Early on, they were disjointed and lacking any distinct flavor characteristics,

but they did show that they had the ability to evolve - though I was unsure into what.

This sample showed it finally starting to turn the corner. Thin layers of flavor - light chocolate, pepper,

toasted tobacco, a tinge of citrus - stacked and rolled together in a homogenous, fairly refined


Medium-full in body with a somewhat thin finish for the first half, past midpoint the finish becomes

buttery/creamy in mouth feel. Slightly more of a straightforward tobacco profile. So far it has

been relatively "Upmann-esque" in flavor and refinement. With almost a third to go, it suddenly becomes

green and herbal - almost medicinal.

I feel these still have the ability to mature, though I'm not sure if they will become all that much "better".

I do think the final rough edges will smooth out, and hope for just a bit more flavor delivery.

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I smoked one last week from my box which also happens to be SEP 05. The way you descibed it seems to be dead on.

The first stick I smoked from this box left me puzzled. It being my fisrt experience with the Mag 46, I couldn't see why all the rave over this cigar. After letting them set for about a year, they seem to be improving.

I really enjoyed last weeks smoke much more than the first one, I can only hope they continue to get better.

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