Update on Havana Divans

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We spent a lot of time in Havana Divans and this year the "finds" were pretty slim.

No Upmann Super Corona's to be found. Plenty of Punch Super Seleccion No 2 from 2002. We secured some great boxes of 1998 Partagas Serie DE Connoisseur No 3 which we pretty much managed to finish while we were in Havana and fishing in Las Salinas.

I was surprised to see some Cohiba Edicion Limitada Double Corona but at $400 CUC ($500 USD) they were not inexpensive.

Ken managed to pick up a lovely box of Cohiba Robusto 2000 but in the main, big gauge cigars are recent codes. For lovers of thin Gauged cigars there is plenty of choice with codes still available from 1998 in many lines particularly the HDM Le Hoyo series.

Unfortunately, you are restricted in taking out 5 sealed boxes and no more than 23 loose sticks.

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