Cohiba Siglo VI 06


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» The samples I've tried to date have been rather bland. Perhaps I

» should give the '06 a shot.

» Thanks for the post.

seems every Cohiba I have had in the past was either bland or had serious draw problems....thats why I havnt smoked very many of them.......this 06 came by recomondation and I'm glad I split a cab with someone

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I tried my first one yesterday. The draw was a little tight and it did seem bland until after the first third of the cigar then the flavors started to open up some as well as the draw. Must have burned past a plug.

This cigar came from a box that had a FJN NOV 05 box code and had only been in my humy for a week. I think I'll let the rest age some more before I try again.


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Out on my porch this morning with a cup of fresh brewed Cuban Turquino...havnt had many Cohiba's and huge anticipation for this baby after about 5 weeks of aclimation it had a beautiful oily sheen and I dont know but theres something about firing up a Cohiba...awesome looking classy band,heavy feel to it's healthy girth almost 7x52....had a nice smell running my nose down its lenght.....fired it up and words that come to mind are strenght (maybe should have eaten something first), citrus, leather, toasty, long finish, complex....just a fine classy cigar...this baby got me light headed...takes a hell of a cigar to hit me this way...I can handle the best of them.....much stonger than a caz....i'll give it 5 smoke rings...will be a killer in 6 months to a year and an aniolator in 5...if your on the fence about them...jump on them....needed a few touch ups and had to cut about a half inch off the foot that had a slight plug

only camera I had at the time was my cell phone camera..ya I know I bite my nails


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