Bolivar PC Saves the Day!!

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This afternoon I had some time to enjoy a cigar and opted for a Hoyo Des Dieux, gifted to me a while back. I believe it was from '01. I smoked about half of it and it was so lacklustre that I pitched it and decided to try a newer '06 Des Dieux--also recently gifted.

This Des Dieux was much more enjoyable but way too tight to get any smoke through!! I really enjoyed the flavors but got frustrated halfway through and pitched it as well.

Okay, I'm tasting gifted stogies so there's a Cohiba Siglo III that was all beat-up--given to me from someone who likely picked it up in the Carribean (note to self: probably fake). Sure as rain in April--it WAS fake. Plenty of smoke but no way was it a Cohiba. I hope the poor chap didn't spend too much on it. :-(

NOW I'm really itching for a GREAT cigar!! Time's getting a bit short though and so I know it's got to be a PC. I'm not disappointed with having to grab a PC though because they are probably the most dependable Habanos out there!

Ahhhhhhhhh---Bolivar PC, cabinet, 2004. This ought to be a no-brainer.

Correct I was. SPLENDID smoke!! Gobs and gobs of pillow-soft, earthy, spicy Bolivar smoke spewed effortlessly from this gem!! NOW we're talking!!

Once again, Bolivar saves the day. :-P

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