Sancho Panza Non Plus OPU FEB 06

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Sancho Panza Non Plus OPU FEB 06

I enoyed this petite corona over the weekend. I must say it has been quite a while since I have reached for the Non Plus. There was a period of time back in the early 2000's where I hit plugged NP after plugged NP. You know how it the end you apply the negative connotation to the cigar and you just stop reaching for it.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of tobacco uses. Colorado maduro wrapper which was oily and elastic. The aroma of the filler obtained from the foot of the cigar was pungeant. Wet earth, mushrooms and pepper.

Cerrated the cap and the cigar revealed a perfect draw if a touch easier than I personally like. No hard or soft spots to the cigar.

Torched the end while pouring a glass of Knappstein shiraz. I should have paid more attention because I burn't the tip of my nose....ouch.

What a great flavour profile. Classic Sancho Panza earth and peat, salty twang, a little white pepper. The thought came to me how similar the flavours were to a good Vegas Robaina Familiar (Corona).

The Non Plus evolved and intrigued me with a hide and seek game which involved a here now and gone again raisin flavour.

There are some excellent 06 offerings out of Havana currently and this is another of them. I look forward to seeing how these evolve over the coming years.

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With the one batch that I have had, I got kind of like you, El Prez. I had enough construction problems with them that I just never went back to them. At least 1/2 the box of 03s that I had were too tight or plugged. I love the Sancho Panza flavor, however, and might need to readdress these at some point.

Thanks for the review, Rob.:ok:

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