Anyone Up For Poker?

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» Click on register, and you'll show up at the table. There is no real buy

» in.

» It's not looking very good, but I'll stay in for a while.

AFter I login and click the table. I cant sit down. Does it auto-seat you? Im thinking I dont have the right Java software.

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» » when you get to the table, there's a register button. click on that, and

» » you should

» » show up at the table.


» That is the problem......I cant see that elusive register button.....hmmmm

Okay....anybody know how to resize the window? That is the problem. The window isnt large enough and I cant see the buttons on the bottom.

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» I can surely use the practice.

Would love to play Colt but I am under the pump.

+ last time I played....someone e-mailed Lisa and asked to check and see what Rob was doing :no:


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» » Aussie slang for "flat out" ...bloody busy. ;-)


» preparing finger sandwiches for lunch? :lol2:

I asked Lisa to prepare lunch but she was not amused........

I wish I could help withthe poker formatting but it is not our program. I will see if Jason can look into it with the providers

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If anyone cares I figured out the issue with not seeing the buttons on the pop up window. To fix the problem you need to set your windows toolbar to "auto hide" in the properties menu.

I am now able to register and play. So if you guys give me a date and time Im game.


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