Romeo Y Julieta Hermosos No.1 EL 2003


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Romeo Y Julieta Hermosos No.1 EL 2003

Box Code: INL DIC03

Vitola: Hermosos No.1 (6 5/8 x 48)

Cigardawg and I got together at his place for our weekly group smoke. He had suggested a joint review and I volunteered the first cigar to be so judged. I brought over a box of R&J Hermosos No.1 EL 2003, and we each selected a cigar. I first sampled the R&J Hermosos No.1 last fall when I purchased a sampler of various ELs, and was impressed enough to purchase a couple of boxes.

Overall, the cigar was nicely constructed with a slight box press, dark brown wrapper, and a few noticeable veins. Prelight yielded an easy draw with dark fruit flavors, leather and some mustiness.

Smoke volume was very good, but there was some unevenness in the burn that required correcting a couple of times. The ash was dark grey, firm and serrated, but at times very noticeable voids appeared in the center of the bunching. Body was medium until the last three inches when it become more medium/full and stronger. The smoke lasted 1:20 and was cool down to the last ¾”.

The initial lighting produced strong earth and pepper, but this was quickly followed by a sweet nuttiness mixed with the occasional hint of cedar before finishing with round woodnotes and a slightly acrid, slightly charred tobacco note in the back of the throat. I began to detect some round citrus notes about an inch in, and, eventually, about 1.5 inches in, the acrid tobacco notes disappeared to be replaced by a clean tobacco flavor.

For the first three inches, the R&J Hermosos No. 1 maintained a spicy sweet nuttiness, followed by rounded wood and earth notes, finishing with clean tobacco flavor. Thereafter, the nuttiness seemed to abate and I began to detect a dry cocoa flavor and a lusher woodnote. For a period, there was a bit of harshness due to some tarring that appeared near the edge of the bunching. The last two inches produced a rich mix of cocoa, earth, spicy wood, and tobacco.

Over the nine months that I have been smoking the Hermosos No.1, it has continued to improve. I think this cigar has some excellent potential, but I have noticed construction and slight flavor differences amongst cigars from the same box. Cigardawg’s stick differed in construction and burn from mine, and I experienced some acrid charred tobacco that he was sparred. Whereas I picked up more of a sweet nutty flavor, Cigardawg discovered cocoa earlier on and in greater abundance. Despite the differences, I highly recommend this cigar as a very good smoke that differs greatly, but in a good way, from other R&Js that I have smoked.

Cigardawg’s review:

This was an attractive box-pressed cigar with a medium-to-dark brown wrapper. There were a couple of veins, one much like a suture scar down one side. The seams were a bit loose; but the triple-cap was neat and precise. I clipped it with my Ewee and tested the draw…a little tight. The pre-light nose was mild, but consisted of sweet earth and a bit of mustiness.

Upon lighting, the draw stayed firm, but smoke production was more than adequate. In fact, as I smoked, the draw opened a bit. It started with a somewhat uneven burn, but it self-corrected. The ash was firm, light-to-medium gray with distinct striations. Just past the halfway mark, a tar globule appeared at the head. It appeared where the bunch was the tightest…near the edge. The cigar burned cool all the way down to the last three-quarter of an inch.

Upon first light, some definite black pepper was detected overlying a general profile of wood and earth. The pepper quickly dissipated and, after about half-an-inch, some tanginess (citrus?) and herbal mustiness appeared. The finish had a “clean” tobacco taste. After about one-and-one-half inches, the cigar picked up considerable richness. This rich, musty sweetness had a velvety feel in the mouth that reminded me of cocoa. Yes, I said “cocoa” when describing a Romeo Y Julieta. This flavor profile remained until the tar appeared…then it turned a bit bitter and harsh. After a bit, the flavors rounded back out and threw a cacophony of flavors at me – cardamom, cocoa, coffee, earth, and cedar.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable cigar that has the substance to improve dramatically over the years. This, along with the Cazadores, is the only Romeo Y Julieta to ever really capture my attention. Rating: A- (90-91).

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I had my first over the weekend and agree with most of your comments (excellent review BTW). Mine had such a firm draw when I first tried to smoke it a month ago that I had to put it down in the humi. I was surprized how much it opened up in just a month! It had very nearly a perfect draw and burn to match. I didn't get any spice at the start, just a mild slightly citrus note. I thought it was going to be a rather mild, somewhat sweet smoke, but it continued to build strength in a linear fashion. By mid stick it had lost all of the citrus and most of its sweetness. It did get more spice in the middle, but not harsh. It got slightly acrid/bitter in the last third, but a purge eliminated most of that. I smoked it down till it was burning my fingers, and felt that it was one of the most satisfying sticks I have had (in my linited experience). I will try to get more of these for sure.

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Doing this joint review was a lot of fun. Great interactions and interpretations when you are both smoking the same cigar. The ability to bounce flavors, impressions, and thoughts off one another added greatly to the experience. I look forward to doing more of these reviews in the future.

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