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Just had my 1st LGC Taino and woo-doggy was it a pleasure. From the beginning to about 2-or-so inches left it was pure class. Creamy sweet flavor. Very light. Very very light. I could sit there and just let the smoke come off the tip and right into my olfactory receptor system. Try that with a Boli CE!

I loved the sweet shortbread maple syrup flavor. It had no cinnamon flavor either (which I hate in a cigar). Are all LGC's this good? How about the Med#1? I have heard they are like a milder version of the SdC#1 (which I also love).

At the end the cigar did sort of lose itself. It seemed to get a little harsh and brazen. Confused perhaps. Maybe it was angry at my poker play. I smoked this completely sober with just a glass of water. People who smoke cigarettes and can't smell **** to begin with were exclaiming how good it smelled. Like honey toast one girl said. Maybe she should start writing reviews!

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Your experience on the Tainos is spot on....even down to the ragged finish. Yours I assume were from 2000. I am hoping that they lose this poor finish over the coming year or so. The first half to 2/3 are the most distinctive flavour profile of any my humble opinion.

I thoroughly enjoy the LGC Medaille D'or No 1 but it is very much in the citrus flavour profile. Completely different to the Taino.

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I discovered these on an ordering lark, but boy...I was so glad I did! Slight citrus and the maple shortbread thing you described are what I got, too. I love these cigars, but have had some problem with the '00s being plugged. I'm fixing to crack a 10er of 01s just to see where they are in the scheme of things.

Thanks for the great review!

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