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I know there are many rumours re what is happening in Havana. I hopped off the telephone a few minutes ago with the "current" rumour doing the rounds of Havana.

Raul will not take over directly. He, with Fidel and their closest ministers will form a ruling group of 5. This will:

1.Take the pressure off Fidel (to become essentially a figure head).

2. Promote three leading ministers (publically acceptable and publically known communist faithfull) to the star chamber (including one young and popular current minister).

3. Raul overseas the chamber but takes little public frontline positioning. This locks in military, police etc).

The one thing everyone is asking is whether Fidel will survive or be well enough to take his position in the 5. If his recovery is better than expected then the above will be delayed for 6 months.

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» It is a rumour a day currently :lol:

Its been interesting watching the variety and flavor particularly in this country. Very different stories between the two coasts. The internet is an amazing tool to watch and to participate in history.

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