Cuaba Distinguidos from Millenium Jar

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CIGAR: Cuaba Distinguidos from the Millenium Jar

DATE: 07.31.06

SIZE: 6 3/8” x 52 (?)

SHAPE: Perfecto


AGE: Unknown, gift from a friend – Released at the 1999 Millennium Festival in Havana to celebrate the turn of the Millennium

AMBIANCE: Sitting on my back porch. Just finished my tile job on Sunday and finally getting to relax and enjoy it on a nice muggy Florida night, at least all the bugs are being kept out by the screen. Sitting out here with my laptop, kid in bed, wife on her way and I’m smoking while flipping the channels

BEVERAGE: Miller Lite, don’t want to spoil the flavors with coffee, good beer, wine or a soft drink. Miller Lite is almost like water.

APPEARANCE: Dark brown oily wrapper, perfect construction. No visible veins, this thing is a beaut!

PRE-LIGHT: Slightly dusty tobacco both on the nose and with a slight pre-light draw after clipping with my Xikar scissors.

FIRST-THIRD: Took the light well and after the first few draws, opened up beautifully to a near perfect draw. Slightly dusty sweet tobacco flavor. Hints of raisen/dates. So far a bit mild in strength and body, yet very flavorful (my favorite attributes to a cigar). As the cigar neared the end of it’s first third, hints of chocolate, vanilla and slight cedar are ‘peeking’ through. After just the first third, I can tell this is going to be damn near the classic rating!

SECOND-THIRD: Second third is starting with the flavors intensifying as the cigar continues to burn perfectly. Medium grey ash is holding on tight. Cocoa and coffee flavors picking up, reminds me of the MC line with a little bit more of an edge (which is not a bad thing at all), more ‘muscular’ if you will.

FINAL-THIRD: Sadly, the cigar is coming to an end. It has changed to a woodsy, earthy cigar with strong hints of cocoa. This is one of the most complex cigars I’ve smoked in some time, changing puff by puff. Strength is growing too. I initially thought this would be a great ‘morning smoke’ but it is proving me wrong and I’m glad I didn’t light this with my morning coffee (although I think coffee would compliment it extremely well).

Summary and Rating (out of 6 ‘Smoke Rings’ possible). One spectacular cigar, bar none! Ever changing, perfect construction, great flavors that appealed to me (must keep that in mind because there are great cigars that don’t necessarily appeal to me). One of the best cigars I’ve had. I would say this is a solid 5.5 smoke rings. I doubt I’ll ever smoke a 6 as no cigar is perfect to me. I’d say 5.75 is the best I’ve had and I’ve had very few 5’s. A joy to hold, look at, and smoke. Thanks to my friend for yet another memorable smoke!

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Great review.

These are bloody classics. If I had 10 jars I would put them away and keep them for 20 years as they will be one of the most sought after Habanos collectors items of all time.

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