smoking with the baptist sommelier

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I am salivating :-P

Drop me some details as we want to go fishing in Chile before the Habanos festival in 2007. Ken is doing the investigation which generally means it will go nowhere.

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Baptist sommelier !!!!!

This is someone who tastes the communion wine before the church congregation on sunday mornings to see that it is up to standard. What a great idea............:-)

" A cheeky little red, with great body and lasting tannins, something our lord would approve of "

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Spent my weekend in a fishing lodge located in the Chilean rain forest with some TV executives. We arrange a few activities there for them consisting mainly in eating and wine tasting with the Baptist sommelier (weirdest thing on earth, a sommelier who doesn’t drink)

After almost 2 weeks of rain we had 3 days of pure sun and nothing else but the views of the Ades and volcanoes with snow to their feet.

All that to say how much better I enjoy cigars when smoking outside, riding horses, having a good espresso and enjoying the view.

‘03 La China Robusto, ’01 Party Short, ’02 Monte N°2, ’05 Trini Reyes, ’98 Cohiba Robusto, was what kept me alive.

All very enjoyable except for the reyes which to me need a year.


...and lots of rivers and creeks run through it...;-)

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