Saturday afternoon and cigars.

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Popped over to my mate Macho (pronounced MAYCHO). Saturday afternoon 3pm. Macho is a Havana veteren who lost his wallet and $5000 within his first hour on the Island. We guessed that someone reached Miami less than 24 hrs later :lol: Anyway, that is another story.

Macho and his son Lachy were building fences on his cattle property (runs Wagyu and Angus) 10 minutes from my place. I run 3 head of sheep on my property. My son Ben is the same age as Lachy and they are good mates. I send him to Macho's property to learn all the "Real man" jobs that I am useless fences, strip engines, brand cattle etc etc.

I do what I normally do and bring a bottle or two of wine, a few glasses and a couple of cigars.

On a picture perfect Australian late afternoon day we were outside leaning against the fence on his beautiful property, drinking Rose and later Pol Roger (96) while he enjoyed a Monte D and I a Cohiba Siglo IV. We were shooting the breeze (chatting) watching one of his Angus cattle about to give birth for the first time. We followed up with a few Por Larrnanaga Petit Corona and a little more champagne. The cow was nervous, the kids were on the quad bike towing something or other and I was struck as to how damn lucky we are to live where we live. Great afternoon.

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» while he enjoyed a Monte D and I a Cohiba Siglo IV.


Nice day. I sat in a World War I memorial park, on the edge of a rock lined stream. I was positioned so that it appeared, from my vantage point, that I was hovering over the stream. I was in the shade, but patches of sunlight were piercing into the stream all around my.

There was a very gentle breeze. I smoked a Bolivar Corona first.

Maybe a bit strong for such a calming day, but it hit the spot for me. After cleansing my palate, I smoked a Cohiba Siglo IV as well. It was the first Cohiba I've tried that tasted good to me and was very similar to the Bolivar. I have a couple of aged Siglo IVs and am now enthused to try them.

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