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Started out about 9:30. Bacon n eggs for break. Lit up an 04 Epi 2 and watered the yaqrd and pulled some weeds. Came in for a snack. Now I'm out to weed some more with a Siglo II. Developing....

Epi #2 was quite enjoyable. Very smooth and never harsh from start to finish. Woody and creamy aroma. Dark burnt cocoa bean mixed allspice with a slight tinge of leatheriness. Wet leather very well tanned.

Siglo II was quite boring actually. A little harsh and hot at the end. Some nice flavors appeared momentarily a few times throughout. Too young. I kind of rushed it though.

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Guest cohiba

Siglo II boring? I have some form 04 that are wonderful. Very surprising how complex they are for a small cigar. When time is short...................................siglo II for me !!!! What year? Maybe they just need some more time.


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Bacon and eggs and then in the Landrover with son Ben to coach the Rugby game at 10am against arch enemy Brothers. Took a Lancero with me to pace the sidelines with. I find it an excellent pointing tool.

Tigh but satisfying 14-7 win. I then shouted the team at the local Mcdonalds to celebrate our season to date (9 wins 2 draws 1 loss). After McDonalds we hopped into the Landy and drove 30 minutes to my brother in laws house for a family birthday celebration. Nash is a Malaysian Chef and we enjoyed some great Chilli Crab and Singapore Noodles. Retired to the back deck to finally enjoy that Lancero.

Back home now to assist in bathing the kids and getting dinner organised. Will enjoy a nice espresso coffee before long and hopefully a man hug later ;-)

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After weeding chores were finished I hit my buddy's house for a BBQ with freshly butchered local beef from a rancher. In tow was a bottle of Asayla Scotch from Compass Box, a PLPC, and a Lancero for the poker game on the porch after dinner.

PLPC: Excellent again. Second out of a 2006 cab. I do not want to say how much I enjoyed this cigar because it may jinx the rest of the cab. It tasted like a finely aged RASS with a little ERDM sweetness, and a sweetness to the aroma that I can only describe as the flavor of the aroma of hot milk with honey in it that you had as a kid when you couldn't sleep.

Lancero: Unbelievable. Very smooth body but absolutely smacking with aroma and flaver. I want to describe it as the black russian bread from Outback (sorry mates but it is good stuff) toasted very well with powdered sugar and baking cocoa sprinkled on a good amount of butter. Granted this was my fourth cigar of the day but what a way to cap it off.

The poker game flew by. I got second. Even though I stroked my lancero more than I minded the game. Yeah, I am that good.

Today? That PLPC reminded me of an Aged RASS (minus a few more flavors) so that is on the agenda today. Life is good.

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