El Prez - Any Word On Esplendidos?

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I am with ken on this one. My experience is that since 05 the Esplendidos have improved in tobacco quality and construction dramatically. I have seen some woefull examples between 99-2004. I have also seen some great examples but consistency was all over the place. So what was Ken's comment?

on our last trip to cuba, rob and i had helped out a mate (well to be honest, i had flicked the problem to rob) and he thanked us with a box of cigars each. i arrived before rob so had my choice - the LE Upmann Mags or a box of esplendidos. i went for the esplendidos and they were superb. not many managed to last the trip but those that did have gone into deep storage. Code was FIM ENE05

Ok so why the turnaround in Esplendidos.

1. Commitment by Habanos s.a to use 3 year old Ligero, 2year old Seco and one year old Volado. ie some aged tobacco.

2. Use of highest quality wrapper (predominantly Robaina).

3. Understanding by Habanos s.a that Premium Cigars need to be PREMIUM CIGARS They now quality check what is being boxed by the factories and will return cigars to the factory which do not meet requirements of the Marque. This is particularly in relation to wrapper shade and quality as construction issues should have been picked up earlier.

All in all it adds up to a better Esplendidos in the market today.

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