Eel Tailed Catfish !


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That's interesting to hear. A fellow at work was telling me that he threads a stiff bit of wire (like a coat hanger) through the head and secures it to a tree branch or similar and pulls the skin off with a pair of pliers.!! He reakons the skin is so thick you could make a pair of boots out of it.

I think the taste of fresh water fish is a bit of an acquired thing. Apart from trout all the other stuff I've tried (perch & bass) is very muddy. Maybe I've tried the wrong type or need a good recipe.

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That was how we skinned the first couple. Bloody hard work for what you get!

I just cut a fillet each side of the fish these days and get a very sharp long bladed knife to cut the skin off when laid flat on a table. Much simpler and easier method. Don't even have to gut the thing.

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