Rafael Gonzlez Corona Extra (SUA MAY 01)

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I was inspired to write a review of a Rafael Gonzlez Corona Extra after reading Rob’s review at [link]http://friendsofhabanos.com/board_entry.php?id=31277&page=0&category=Habanos+Review+Forum&order=last_answer&descasc=DESC[/link] . Cigardawg came over for a smoke and, being the generous soul that he is, surprised me with a RGCE SUA MAY 01! He had read my reply to Rob’s review wherein I expressed my desire to sample the RGCE. I hadn’t even heard of the line prior to Rob’s review.

The wrapper was a toasted caramel brown with a couple of prominent veins sporting a green tinge, probably due to water spots. Construction was firm, with some noticeable hardness around the band. Prelight draw was firm and yielded an intriguing mix of sweet woodiness overlaid with a dark cherry flavor. Very rich! The initial lighting produced sweet coffee and rich dark cherry, progressed to a light and clean tobacco toastiness, and finished with chewy leather. While at the onset I would characterize the body to be light, halfway through, the draw became easier and the body became more noticeably medium in strength. Smoke volume was very good and produced a round creaminess in the mouth. The ash was yellow-grey and firm, but more plume-like than serrated.

The toasty tobacco flavor continued to build gradually, but then about 3” into this 5 5/8” 46 ring gauge Corona Gorda, the initial sweet coffee flavor became richer and creamier. All the while, however, the smoke maintained an underlying rich dark fruit backbone finishing with a slightly sweet, chewy wet leather flavor. The final third also began to produce pronounced cedar notes that made the cigar’s richness more mouth-watering.

My smoke lasted 1:40 with ¾” remaining, and was cool throughout. This cigar has become an instant hit with me and is prompting me to purchase a box. I thank Rob for his initial excellent review that caused me to discover this cigar, and I thank cigardawg for his generous gift. I love this board.:ok:

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