Montecristo Millennium Robusto

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Yup out of the jar dated OSU AGO 00. It's not really a secret that I'm a fan of Robustos afterall my first review was of a CoRo (my all-time favorite cigar). But these have been sitting long enough and I decided it was time to enjoy one as I made a drive with a friend to go pay a visit to Rodolfo Taboada in TJ. :-D

This cigar is absolutely gorgeous. The construction is just perfect. Dense the entire length of the stick without any abnormalities. The wrapper is rich brown and slightly dusted with plume.

I really didn't pay too much attention to the prelight experience as I was more interested in firing it up. WOW! What a fantastic aged-cigar experience. The most powerful taste I typically get from all cigars is tobacco. I don't mean to sound silly by saying that but I seriously like the way tobacco tastes. My palate isn't the best at detecting subtleties, but when I taste bitter or acrid the bells go off and the whistle sounds. I really don't care for extremely bitter and definitely not acrid. That being said... this Monte Millennium Robusto was perfect with a complete absence of any bitter or acrid taste... the tobacco taste I enjoyed was true and pure and delicious. Not too much spice, just a hint. A hint of some of flavours was present as well. Some earth, some leather perhaps I even got some cinnamon (something somewhat sweet).

This was smoked last week so I'm writing this review with a little distance, but I recall the burn being very sharp, but I did have to perform a few relights. Relights mostly due to being in a moving vehicle with the windows cracked. And the fact that I was nursing on the end of the stick and not paying to close attention.

What I took away from my experience with this cigar was how good tobacco can taste without any bitterness. For me a good clean tobacco taste is absolutely sublime. This cigar was the perfect travel companion on the road to see Senor Taboada. And then that starts a whole new story...


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