Cuaba Special Cabinet Photo Shoot

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» I belive these are around. Hey Rob, are these the same blend as the regular

» production?

I found them fuller/richer than regular production Cuaba. They are a touch pricey at $450 USD but not bad as a unique one off.

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  • 2 years later...

Down to the last of a few specialty releases. Have taken some photo's for our image gallery. If anyone is interested, just e-mail [email protected]

From Habanos s.a

The Habanos' lovers will soon have the chance to acquire a new and a very exclusive production for their enjoyment: the CUABA CABINET.

The Cuaba brand- one of the last new brands presented by Habanos s.a to the smokers worldwide- was launched in 1996 and conceived thinking of those smokers who are lovers of exquisiteness. Its four current sizes (vitolas) retake the " doble figurado" formats ( tapered in both edges) which were highly demanded centuries ago.

Its name, Cuaba, comes from the terminology used by the Tainian indians who inhabited Cuba when the Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus. It describes a native shrub which is characterized by an excellent combustibility and was especially used to light the cigars during the religious ceremonies.

The new cabinets are cedar made , the Cuaba´s emblem - carved by Cuban artisans- being added. They contain ten cigars: five Distinguidos and five Salomones.










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