Life \"Ya Gotta Love It\" 04/07/2006

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12am Woke my daughter up for some jello and juice before her 8am surgery. Nothing serious, she broke her wrist riding a scooter and needed to have it re-set.

6am After a shower I get up the family, feed those that can eat, listen to "I'm hungry" a few hundred times.

7am Load up and take my son to school, my youngest to my Mom's and return to get my wife and daughter.

8am Arrive for surgery to be told "we changed it to noon" didn't you get the message. We now have 4 hrs to kill with no food.

8:30-11:30 Spongebob and other equally great cartoons and we head back

12-1pm We wait for the Dr.

1:15pm Surgery

1:45pm All's well and my daughter is high as a kite. We had some great conversasions

2:30pm We head home, pick up the other kids and I'm home at 3:30

4pm I realize I haven't eaten and grab a bite and a short nap.

5pm My daughter is in a little pain but doing great. Wife starts dinner and I take my son to a friends.

6-8pm Dinner, TV, games

8-10pm Hoyo Epi #1 and a few Mojitos

Living Life=Priceless

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That's some day you hasd there Rob !!!!

Very glad the surgery went well and your daughter is on the mend. It is amazing when you make out the list of activities like you did to realize just how filled and demanding our everyday lives have come to be...

I think that in today's times - more than ever - having a cigar which brings with it some needed down time and relax time is one of the real blessings of our often criticized hobby.

Best wishes to your little girl. :ok:

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Glad to hear that your daughter is doing fine. Life is hectic as you know. Look at it this way, you are doing what any good parent would do. The only difference... you light up a Habanos every now and then! Enjoy the little ones while they are still in the house... before you know it, they will be grown, married and dropping off the grandkids!:surprised:

In all seriousness, sounds like you have a nice family. Enjoy bro.

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Rob... been through that drill many times.. especially with wrists and arms with my girls. They do suffer pain much better than their parents ... and certainly heal a lot faster!!

Now that my oldest is 29 she decided to break her leg 2 weeks ago ... and guess who gets the call ... DAD!!! Gotta love daughters...

All my best to the family..

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