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Davidoff #1 1987

Last night was my life long friend Andy's birthday so with the New Jersey smoking ban a week away (no more pub nights :crying: ) I

decided to break out with the good stuff. I have been sitting on some

1987 Davidoff #1s for a long time and last night seemed like a perfect time to smoke a couple.

My specimen looked great. I love Lanceros with pig tail heads.The wrapper was a nice medium brown and still had an oily sheen even after almost 20 years. I ordered up a pint of pilsner urguell and a double wild turkey and away I went. The stick cut well and the prelight draw was fine with a predominantly cedar flavor. We toasted my buddies birthday and lit up. The draw which can be hit or miss with lanceros, this one was on the money. It had only a hint of resistance. The first couple of pulls on this stick were nothing short of incredible, loads of cedar. the flavors soon turned to tea coupled with

an almost mushroomesque flavor accompanied by coffee notes. I smoked this one real slow taking in everything that it had to offer.

It was an hour and 30 minutes of satisfaction.

This is the oldest stick I have ever smoked.

I would have to give this elegant cigar a 95/100

I only have one regret and that is that I only have 2 left.

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