Ramon Allones Mille Fleurs

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The Ramon Allones Mille Fleur. Ring gage 42 x 5, I smoked one from a box from 2001 and it was a good smoke for the money.

On pre-light inspection the Mille Fleur is a poorly constructed cigar with a sort of rustic appeal.

The initial lighting of the cigar produced a rich woody fragrance mingled with cocco and the flavor profile was mainly that of fine cedar but then it changed. After the first inch a wonderful cocco filled spice dominated the followed by the cedar finish. About half way into this yummy treat the cocco, spice, and cedar were joined by the taste of coffee with hint of milk. This continued until the last 2 inches when a moist earthiness began to take over and delivered a nice combination of earth, cocco and cedar.

The body of the Mille Fleur was medium - full and about medium Strength. A deal at $3.50 per stick.

Over all I give this cigar a 7 out of 10 for delivering that Ramon Allones taste I enjoy. Oh sweet tobacco!

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Great review!

One of the better Machine bunched hand finished cigars made along with the Partagas and R&J Mille Fleurs. Great bang for the buck because they each deliver real Marque defining flavours at a budget price.

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