El Rey del Mundo PC (\'98)

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I was gifted this '98 ERDM PC and decided to give it a try because I have been loving the '03 choixs, so I was excited for this PC.

Construction was top notch, a nice light brown color with non-existent veins. Smooth cut and the pre-light draw was a bit tight. No problems though...once this was lit, it produced clouds of smoke. Burn required a couple of touch ups.

The tobacco power in this cigar is mild, but don't let that fool you, the flavors are outstanding. Wonderful honey flavors are probably the most predominant. A beautiful creamy cigar with some coffee flavors to boot. The ash was a nice dark grey. My only complaint, too short...this was a fast burning cigar, even when trying to smoke slow.

Wouldn't want to smoke this after dinner, but this is right up my alley for the afternoon.

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Sure you could smoke this after dinner, just smoke two of them.;-) With summer coming on I might need to look into a few shorter light bodied cigars.

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The pc has become one of my most often reach for smokes - never tried this vitola but will have to give it a shot - don't alwayys have time forthe DC and Churchill plus in the winter one does not always have the time to stand in he cold and smoke a big stick Cheers Mike

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