Cohiba Siglo IV - 2005 factory unknown

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Cohiba Siglo IV :-D :-D

Assumed 2005

(factory code unknown)

Gifted by a friend.

After finishing my first review and experiencing the relief of getting done I knew it would not be long til the next. For some reason when I picked out today’s smokes I grabbed a Siglo IV gifted to me, My friend had vacationed in a casino there named after a lost continent and he picked up s few good smokes in its shop known for its authenticity. Lunchtime beckoned as an excellent opportunity to enjoy this smoke

I grabbed a Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi and headed out of the building to my smoking pickup. Tuned to Classic Rock on the Satellite radio and examined the cogar. Pulling it out of it little box I noticed the typical reddish brown color of the Cohiba wrapper. I smelled it looking for origin but it smelled like many other Cohiba habanos I had tried before. I then cleanly clipped of the well made triple cap and took a couple of good pre-light draws. The draw was excellent as I expected.

Fired up the triple torch and fired up stick, then the truck. The first draw was excellent nicely rounded spicy medium smoke with the true Cohiba flavor I am not great at discerning anything but spice but hint of cocoa or coffee did appear, the pleasure increased as I continued the smoke. Dashed into the post office laying this beauty in my on board cigar ash tray, upon return after 5 minutes or so it was still going not requiring relight. The cigar burned even like I expected and the flavor grew to a nice heavy nedium but not overpowering flavor.

Absolutely no disappointment in this fresh, young cigar, would like to get some 5 or 6 year old ones to compare it too. I did nub the smoke of course, after nipping my fingers with it.

Since my only bad experiences with this brand were the result of smoking a couple which should have been napping (Bad period) I think I’ll continue to buy them very young and very old. Only Siglo I have not tried is the I so look for a review sometime soon. In another three years I’ll review the Dec 03 VIs I have napping if God wills it. By the way Rob – the Casa Fuente Corona Gorda may make it a top 5 in your book (but Dominican reviews are for another board) .

Cohiba Siglo IV

Shape: Corona Gorda

Size: 5 5/8 inches by 46 ring guage

Construction: 9.5

Wrapper: 9

Draw: 9.5

Taste: 9

Overall Rating: 93 out of 100 points

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