Cohiba Siglo III RUP NOV 20

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It’s starting to cool down outside, so I wanted to take advantage of a warm sunny morning. She’s a looker, that’s for sure. I dry boxed it for a day before use. Cold draw was straight Graham cracker. I was pleased not only with the taste, but also with a good draw as well.
First 1/3, lots of hay, honey, and some molasses notes. Burn is great and the draw is just a little tight- but workable. For a little bit towards it got very rich, but that subsided.
Second 1/3, maybe it was just me initially, but the draw has improved and this thing is firing on all cylinders. Hay, baking spices, and the twang 100%. It’s very smooth, not a rough spot to be found.
Final 1/3, spices, slight leather, and a very rich creamy smoke with hints of a biscuit flavor. I would have smoked it to the nub, but real life calls, so that’s where this ends. 93/100
Classy. Only negative with this thing is that I only have 3 left (at these prices there won’t be refills). But, my nudies are almost rested- not all heros wear capes. Cheers.




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