Monte 80th box unknown 1/4 box from Prez (MPRW)

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Unfortunately I don’t know the box code. I bought this as a 1/4 box option about 2017 sometime. This is being smoked as a celebratory smoke for a friends wedding the night of 10/24 and my 23rd Anniversary to my wife that just happens to be the next day. Two dates one smoke! 

The wrapper and construction look and feel perfect. Dark chocolate color and a great tobacco aroma. 

straight cut and the draw is excellent. A little cedar and leather on the cold draw. Let’s light it up


Initial puffs reveal lots of creamy smoke with some milk chocolate showing through with a med body and flavor. As I get farther along the cream remains with more chocolate that turns from milk to darker with maybe some coffee. It continues on this arc with the the body going above medium and the flavor cranking up to full! I smoked this down to nub in just about 2 hours! 

Thoughts.... I should have bought more! Monte profile has really become a favorite of mine. Luckily I have 2 left for another special occasion. 


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