Cohiba Siglo VI LUB ENE 14 (XNYRC)

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I still have some original release Siglo 6. You have got me tantalized in reviewing one... 

Almost every time I look at one of these with the thoughts of smoking it, I end up with a choice from a box of Lanceros instead. Just my taste I suppose, working on my subconscious mind. Thanks for sharing.

In correlating your values against the other Cohiba you reviewed. Is this then a better cigar as it was rated higher in value?


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Yes way better in value.  I wouldn't stock up on these for that cost, but if I paid 50 for a single at a b&m id be very satisfied and have no regret.

I base my value ratios on what it's worth to me and what it cost ( vs on island or what I paid).  In this case I got it in a trade or pass who knows what I "paid".  This one has a similar value ratio to a recent Hdm pr I enjoyed with the 2.3ish ratio.  Def a better cigar than that but also much pricier so hard to compare.  I love short value sticks but can't survive on them alone

I just rarely have a Le re or aged stick blow me away like this.  They normally live up to the hype or fall short and get a ratio of like 1.  This was an outlier for such a fancy stick

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Interesting, thanks for the explaining. It is good to see that people who pony up for these cigars get some of their money's worth.

I too get a lot out of shorter smokes. They fit me better for the most part and they really seem to flavor perform.

When I reach for that more luxurious, lengthy cigar, it is still generally a 'standard' issue. Not that the S-6 is not a standard cigar now. My selection of the Monte E-2 that I reviewed falls into the category that you just described. While not an EL or RE, it is not an everyday cigar for me. Not that it couldn't be, flavor-wise, but I would find myself leaving good tobacco in the ashtray, or smoking beyond what I feel comfortable with at the time of wishing to choose a smaller cigar.

I proffer that 'value' smokers don't like wasting cigars or tobacco. That some of us actually allot the time and match the cigar to it. Then again, some people just don't care. They grab what they want and if they must walk away from it they do...! 

My family, we save leftovers!!! That means that I don't want to make my own steak if sharing one with my wife will satisfy both of us. The same goes for tobacco. Even with an unlimited budget, I cannot see wasting a good cigar's second half if I am not committed to see it through. 

Cheers! -R

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Thanks for the review I have a 25ct box with a February 14 date (need to check the code)  I haven't smoked one yes and this may be the impetus to finally smoke one as it looks like it might be time. 

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