Cohiba Siglo I UAO NOV 18 (CRW)

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Thought I'd pull out a Siglo I for the Cohiba review weekend. From a 6er I purchased about two months ago. 

First third was creamy and woody.


Second third was graced with the appearance of cocoa powder, but not to a great degree.  Still overwhelmingly wood and cream.

Final third was more of the same.


This particular cigar was surprisingly muted in flavor compared to the first 2 I had from that 6er after a week's rest. Those were full on Siglos. 

What happened? Seems to be a similar situation with the Siglo that @slowsmoke had from this same batch.

Seems these Siglos were worse off after some rest vs. a whole bunch of cigars I picked up at the same time which got better after rest.

Scoring this pretty low, 5/10. I feel blessed though that I encounter this sort of dud/bland cigar very rarely, maybe every two months or so on average.


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