Cohiba Siglo I UEB JUL 18 (CRW)

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The ever maddening Cohiba.  Picked up a quarter box of PSP/HQ last November, they've been resting since I got them in December.  Small, good construction, nice smell.  V cut, paired with my black coffee.  Debated a CoRo or a VI, but decided to try a lil fella.  I don't know if it's expectations or what, but I'm rarely wowed by Cohiba.

Lit well, was a bit of a hard draw at the beginning.  Then I think I found a little bit of a tunnel, so it opened up after the first third.  Not a ton of taste to it, some spongecake and coffee tastes (although I was drinking coffee too), maybe a tad bit of cream.  Not overpowering, not a dud, just an average cigar.  

When I started this, of course I knew the name and have always tried Cohibas when I was out and about at LCDH's and such, but I think that either I need to let them rest more (as in years more) or just decide that the marca is hit or miss and focus more on other cigars that I've pretty much always enjoyed.  I think I'll let the rest of my Cohiba's sit at the back of the stash and pretend I don't have any for another 6 months/a year or so and see how they taste then.






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