Cohiba Siglo II ORG OCT 16 (CRW)

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Picked up a 1/4 box of these last year to hold me over while my box sleeps. Broke out a pair of these to smoke with my dad this weekend.


Construction is perfect, a medium brown colored wrapper that is smooth to the touch, minimal veins, tight seams. Cap clipped neatly.


Smoking characteristics were also impeccable. Draw is right in my sweet spot, one minor touch up to the burn line. Smoked this low and slow, and it responded very well.


Flavors were a little more than I was expecting in the pepper department. The main profile was a dark coffee vibe, little bit of sweetness on the finish with a leather aroma (like baseball glove leather). But there was a distinct strong pepper note lingering on the finish and especially present on the retrohale. This was a little surprising. No unpleasant, just unexpected. Overall it worked for me and this was a very tasty cigar. 2-1/2 years of age, I have a few more tucked away and I’m curious to see how they taste next year.







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