Cohiba Siglo 2 ASR June 2018 (CRW)

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This is only the second I’ve had from this box as the first one gave me absolutely nothing that I enjoyed. I decided to leave them alone for a while and after about a 4 month break, decided this was the right occasion to give them another try. 

I had to do a little surgery with the perfect draw right away to get the draw right but after a couple passes, i was able to clear the blockage. 

1/3 - Good burn and nice flavors. Already better than last time..  Its a very clean cigar. Struggling to pull anything definitive out of it yet but it’s very smooth and friendly with a distinct sweetness. 

2/3 - The sweetness is picking up with more defined grassy flavors. Still struggling to pin down the exact flavor of the sweetness. Just can’t put my finger on it. 

3/3 - Boom!  Creme Brûlée!  It just hit like a ton of bricks!  Very defined on the retro but even noticeable without. Unfortunately it only lasted for a couple minutes then faded back to the muddled sweetness and grass from before. Still good but if the creme brûlée was there the whole time, this would be killer. 

I’ll revisit after a few more months and see how they’re continuing to develop. 

Picture uploads are still failing..... Sorry..

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