Cohiba Siglo VI - Unknown - (CRW)

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My Initial Review to be submitted for your consideration is a bold one.

A beautiful stick such as the Cohiba Siglo VI is not something to take lightly.

This cigar is brother to a set of Quadruplets that made their way from an open box in a LCDH located in Havana.

Having smoked a Siglo IV from a box that arrived alongside this I was left with an obvious conclusion. Those needed more age, with a box code of BRE ABR 19 who could argue with common sense.

So now we arrive to the initial humidor removal of the Siglo VI, unsure on an exact box code/date, the cigar smells of leather, and floral notes, with perhaps a hint of hazelnut.

I am looking forward to the evening ahead of me, postponing this review until after the latest 24:24 has been placed. 

Pic 1

With a swift cut to the triple cap I am greeted with a nice smooth pull, no restrictions or plugs to be found.

There is a sweetness on the dry puff as well as a subtle sweetness to the wrapper.

Pic 2

I do have to admit I selected this cigar out of the 4 due to the beating it took on it's journey to me. It suffered significant wrapper damage, however all we can do is light it at this point and see how it fares.

My only pairing to this cigar is a glass of water, I don’t dare bring any other flavors into the mix with this cigar, I want the cigar to sing to me with all of its subtle notes.

On the initial light I am greeted with hay, mineral, and earthy notes.

Pic 3

The wrapper damage does not seem to be impacting the draw currently.

The first third initially has been hay, mineral/earth and a subtle hint of sweetness. The burn is leveling out to a nice even progression into the evening.

 Pic 4

The sweetness is now remaining on the palate as well as a coffee note that is merging into a creamy latte with the sweetness that was already present.

The hay note has definitely backed off to welcome the coffee/cocoa/sweet cream celebration that is dominating the first third of this Siglo VI. This cigar is miles ahead of the Siglo IV box I have, I’m suspecting the age on this one is from 2018 at the youngest. No spice to be found yet.

To those who are definitely more knowledgeable in Cohiba than I, this cigar does feature the UV light code as well as box illumination on the band, if that helps to pinpoint the oldest this could be.

Halfway through the first third black pepper and coffee are the two standouts now. Burn has been nice and even as we start to reach the wrapper damage.

Pic 5

We are now in a constant cycle of variety, pepper, spice, sweet coffee/latte with a stout pace through the retro hale.

The aroma of the cigar is decadent.

Only halfway through the first third I am now beginning to understand the price premium on Cohiba’s.

The pepper/spice notes have left the building, now we are on to a coffee/biscuit pleasant experience still in the first third of this magnificent smoke.

I have not touched up the burn once even as we embark into the damaged portion of the wrapper.

Pic 6

I must have spoken too soon because a few puffs after that and as we start to welcome the second third the Siglo VI needs a touch up.

Pic 7

The first third has finished with the entire ash still in tact and a warm coffee/cocoa/biscuit medley with almost 0 spice.

Now onto the second; the ash falls off immediately as I take my first draw into the second third. I write that off as a side effect of the wrapper damage that we persisted through initially.

This is a spicy second third, mostly due to the lack of ash and insulation regulating the temperature currently.

Pic 8

The ashtray is courtesy of my fiancee from her trip to Cuba last month.

The second third has began to mellow a bit more and the spice has left us for the time being as the ash begins to form again. Bolder coffee notes and fewer sweet notes seem to be the theme of this cigar currently.

A relight was required halfway through the second third. However we are through all of the damage now, I expect better performance from here on.

Still maintaining a pleasant aroma even as the strength of the cigar begins to show itself. Toasted biscuit and coffee notes with a re-emerging spice note.

Pic 9

Almost time for the band to be removed as we approach the final third, a smoother coffee note is now present, as well as a hint of leather.

Spice is approaching now as we come to a close on the end of the second third.

We have now entered the final third, so far the experience has been excellent. Nice mellow spice and smooth floral and coffee notes are now present. An excellent beginning to the final act of this wonderful Siglo VI.

Pic 10

Spice and strength with a subtle hint of coffee are now dominating the cigar with a nice cocoa and sweet residual taste left on the retro hale. 

The burn has remained even and consistent following the difficulties in the final first third and initial second third.

I have now requested the aid of the perfect draw to hold the cigar through the final third, this is my preference as it really helps the draw versus holding the cigar.

Pic 11

Spice and coffee/cocoa are the main notes. I’ll follow up on the conclusion it’s now time to enjoy the finale.

Putting it to rest now, excellent smoke even through its difficulties, I can’t wait to see how the other three are with some more rest.

Pic 12

Total Smoke Time: 1:29

Rating: 8.9/10 The main points that hurt it were the damage to it and the burn difficulties due to this. 













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