Cohiba Genios MOL SEP 17 (CRW)

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Picked up this box from Prez and if you recall, it was the ones he posted in box of the week, with the oil laden wax paper. I have had only a few and they were good but needed more time. Let’s see how they are doing.




1st: starts with a blast of chocolate and a somewhat vegetal musty notes. It reminds of the smell of the box when opened as you take a whiff while removing the cedar sheet.


2nd: excellent construction and performance, picking up some Cohiba DNA with some grassy notes and more cocoa. Some hints of coconut.


3rd: started to get a little hot and more of the same as the 2nd third. The mustiness was gone.


I don’t know if I was wanting this to be like the few Talisman that I have smoked, but I did seem to think there were very small elements in this sample. Maybe it was because of the classic EL dark chocolate notes I picked up.

I think these will improve into some spectacular cigars with some more rest.


Rated 91





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