Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Roi 2005 or earlier (srw)

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Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Roi 2005 or earlier (srw)

Length: 5 5/8" 

Ring Gauge: 42 

Vitola: Corona

Smoked from humidor at 62RH.

This was from a cardboard 5 pack I picked up a few months ago. I had intended to smoke this today to see if it was box worthy, and the review competition is well timed.

I love the corona size, wish there were more of them around.

As it was an old cigar I paired it with a 92 Cabernet Sauvignon from Hungary which I've had knocking about for ages. A nice wine to share with friends on the patio today with a BBQ. Full bodied, sherry and wood notes which went very well with the woody cigar.

Prelight: I picked the one with the lightest wrapper from the pack, a little rougher than the rest. Good draw and construction. Little aroma unlit.

First third 

Smooth light white pepper and wood.Medium body. Nice resistance on the draw. 

Second third 

Pepper fades, smoke starts to get creamy, and some cinnamon joins the woods. Another transition to mainly hay and wood before the end of this third.

Last third 

Cream and hay fades, and we are back to a less strong version of the first third-pepper & wood. Nubbed it.

Conclusion: A wonderfully enjoyable cigar with good complexity and perfect burn. I'll try and pick up a box of these or the du Gourmet during my travels in Burgundy & Geneva next week.


NB. Unable to upload any images ?due to FOH upgrade.

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