Montecristo Especial No. 2 REG SEP 18 (SRW)

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This is a cigar that I have actually had varied experiences with. Most of the examples in a previous box that I had purchased were too tight, and a number were completely unsmokable. This more recent box that I have been smoking through has been much better, and this particular stick was a particularly nice example that I set aside. The construction was pretty impeccable and the wrapper was nice looking.

Pre-light draw: Cream flavor with a hint of hay. The draw was fairly loose.


First Third: The predominant flavors are sweet, light cream with a bit of butteriness. The body was medium becoming a bit lighter towards the second third. The burn was extremely even which was surprising given the amount of wind where I was smoking it. Smoke production levels were high. The ash was quite solid for how loose the draw was. As I was getting closer to the second third, there was an increase in sweetness. Throughout this third, the retrohale had a little bit of harshness.


Second Third: Throughout this section, the sweetness continued to intensify, though the cigar as a whole became milder. The creaminess continued to be the predominant flavor, and the burn continued to be very consistent, requiring no touching up. Towards the next third, the flavors became more intense and the body became more full.


Final Third: In the final third, the draw became a little bit tighter and the burn was slower. The previous flavors were still there. There was also a good bit of  hay, twang and a bit of spice. It definitely reminded me of a few Cohiba Coronas Especiales that I have smoked recently. By this section, the retrohale had become very smooth and tasted really good. I smoked this cigar all the way down to the nub.


Smoke time: 48 minutes

This cigar was pretty much just as good as I thought it might be before I smoked it. Though it was not as complex as some of the other cigars from this box, smoke production and burn were about as good as I have experienced in this cigar and the flavors were very tasty.



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