Monte 1 ROA Jun11 (SRW)

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Been a good day.  F1 race was pretty entertaining.  Made some progress painting some Grey Knights for 40k.  Got mostly read for my golf trip to Whistling Straits.  Just have to find a way to survive work tomorrow.

But man I love Lonsdales and Monte 1's are fantastic.  This box is something special.  8 years old.  Very noticeably box pressed.  The wrappers though are just amazing.  Just the right shade and velvety soft to the touch.  Cigar is very densely packed but gives just the right amount of resistance.

The smoke is oily, smooth and long lasting.  It's not a terribly complex cigar.  Milk Chocolate, sugar, hints of leather, just barely medium bodied.  It's just a very pleasant cigar.  The second third sees more leather, the bodied dropped down a step.  Again, not terribly complex but just supremely enjoyable.  Final third is basically all milk chocolate and toasted nuts.  Mild in body.   

Cigar lasted just a bit over 1:30.  I've got a bit more than half a box left of these.  I think they still have a home in my cooler is because i keep this box hidden and I have to play a game of tetris to get to it.  Solid 94 points.  The burn got a little wonky in the last third, but that might have been because of the humidity (which was gross).  I also wanted more body then what this cigar gave me.  Mild quibbles at the end of the day,



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