Romeo y Julieta Belvederes UBM JUN 17 (SRW)

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Romeo y Julieta Belvederes UBM JUN 17 (SRW)

4 7/8" x 39

Bought a box of 25 from another source a few months ago dated UBM JUN17.


1/3rd got sweet creamy cedar with a hint of smooth barnyard twang, along with sweet green hay and spice on the finish. Started smooth and mild. Ash held for about an inch and an eight. Notable flavors where of creamy toasted hay, bread, and sweet fruity barnyard twang with a faint spice.


2/3rd I'm really enjoying the cigar at this point and looking forward to another.  The cigar delivered, and developed smooth and complex flavors of sweet fruity barnyard twang, creamy toasted tobacco, bread toast, and cedar spice. The cherry tart hit with fragrant barnyard and cedar twang, with a hint of sweetness. The cigar gained richness and depth. Toasty earth, with coffee and sweet barnyard twang, and faint spice off the foot. Medium+ at this point, and strength kicking in, but enjoyable. Notable flavors where of rich toasted bread and earth, with black pepper twang, and a hint of tart fruity barnyard on the finish.2ndbelve.thumb.jpg.4c928731e3ce05892210c1a093039515.jpg

Last third gave me sweet cedary barnyard twang, toasty tobacco, rich grassy earth and hay, with creamy spice on the finish.

My rating for this cigar: 92.5

Construction 5/5

Flavor 5/5

Strength 4.5/5

Age  4/5

Total 18.5/20 points.

I haven't smoked a RyJ in a while, and this cigar certainly sparked an interested in this brand. The cigar had rich complex flavors, and a fragrant aroma, yet creamy and smooth. The best part was the cherry tart, fragrant barnyard and cedar with a hint of sweetness, leather and earth on the finish. Bravo!



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