LGC MDO #3 2002 (SRW)

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Received this for a birthday gift a few months ago, I had been wanting to try one. Discontinued in 2010, this stick was from a 2002 box but sadly I do not have the month or factory codes. This is the definition of a long and skinny. WOW!! I don’t like the big ring gauges but in my hand this 28 ring gauge feels almost a little too thin.


No real prelight aroma to speak of. Cold draw seems a little tight with some sweetness. I toast up very delicately and the draw is tight, smoke production is very low. The burn was straight as an arrow, draw and smoke output did improve about halfway through. Ash stays on in 1/2” clips. Would’ve like a little less resistance and more smoke, but all in all the construction is good.


Flavors started off almost non existent. Extremely mild, a notch above air. About 1” in to the smoke, the cigar starts to wake up and it’s all sweetness. No transitions, not much complexity to speak of. Generally speaking - a very very mild smoke but a nice tasty sweetness throughout.


Overall this cigar did not really impress. The smoke I got was tasty but I wanted more of it. Smoke output was just too thin.













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