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I love the smaller ring smokes so I couldn't turn this contest down. I decided on a classic. I also got a new cutter I was dying to try. The pre light draw was full of cocoa and biscuits. The draw was a bit snug but nothing the perfect draw couldn't fix. It was extremely humid outside but that wasn't going to stop me.


The first third there was tons of bisquick flavor with bits of cocoa. It was nice and light. Almost like some pancake batter. I was pleasantly surprised.


The second third I started running into some burn issues. It was 100% the humidity outside. It was brutal. It started having an effect on the flavor. It started burning a bit hot. I got more biscuit flavor, just not that smoothness to it.


The last third I somehow managed to let it cool down without it going out. I was getting more woody flavors at this point. Overall I would give it an 85. The humidity played a big part in it. I can't wait to try another when it's not so humid outside. 327bde7f3ec7a94a5aaee832d3020499.jpgb410746dfdbb2518b86976813be0b908.jpg5db70427917ad91cc6bc723b499c721b.jpg


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