Jose L. Piedra - Conservas TES ABR 16 (RGRW)

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Jose L. Piedra - Conservas TES ABR 16 (RGRW)

From a 3 year old box/bundle of 25 that have been resting in my humidor for about 3 months.


1/3rd was sweet creamy milk chocolate twang, with hints of aromatic wood, and a faint savory earthy spice on the finish, sweet, smooth and complex. Notable flavors where a sugary sweetness, creamy and earthy twang, sweet earth, and smooth toasted tobacco with a hint of honey off the foot. Nice, smooth and aromatic. Mild- medium, ash held for about 3/4 to an inch at a time.




The 2nd had plenty of complex and creamy toasted tobacco twang, with hints of cocoa, wood, leather, and faint spice. The sweet twang developed into a creamy cedar and leather twang, gaining a depth of dark roasted flavors, rich cream, toasted tobacco, and savory black pepper spice. Flavors got richer with more depth, still very smooth and aromatic with a hint of sweetness on the finish. Medium-full now and strength kicking in, but not quite full bodied.



The last third got richer and stronger, with dark and toasty tobacco twang, yet creamy, with earth and cedar and a smooth sweet finish. Medium-full.


My rating for this cigar: 90

Construction 5/5

Flavor 5/5

Strength 4/5

Age 4/5

Overall 18/20


These are short filler cigars, but full of flavor and strength?. Notable flavors where of sweet, rich and dark twang, and complex notes of earth, wood, and cream. 


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